the I.

the Elevator Pitch

Joanna Chan, pleasure to meet you. I am currently a brand-side community manager but was once characterized as agency-side (but only for a short time), a commerce student, and a track athlete. I like to think the lessons of these very different but somehow overlapping disciplines gave me character. I can express greetings in 5 different languages and you can find me wandering the streets of Toronto or wading the Internet analyzing OOH or digital creative – and mentally crafting new copy. 

the Slightly Longer Insight

I was a student at the University of Toronto in pursuit of a B.Com, specializing in management with concentrations in marketing & strategy. In the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to develop a passion for and a record in crafting communication, building relationships, and creating solutions through roles within advertising, the beer, business-education, professional and amateur sports, and retail industries.

In 12 point font I am embarking on a journey to challenge myself to create, share, and discover. Within the typed text I hope to illustrate discoveries about the current marketplace, relationships between x and y, and the self. I am also challenging myself to share the glimpses of my mind that connect my professional experience, undergraduate business education, and what my creativity produces, from new recipes to sketches (short stories).

Where did all the chocolate covered almonds go?



One Response to the I.

  1. Hey Nice blog! Like the athlete-student-life thingy! Goodluck!

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