The $1500 lap at QP

Today’s workout was supposed to be 6×800, 3×400 to make up for my no-show at the track Thursday night. But the workout ended after 5x a lap at QP when I realized in the 3:12 it took to run ~820m someone had stolen my bag (and my shirt) from behind the rock. Standing in sunny Toronto in a sport bra, I didn’t even have a shirt to run home in.

Yes, I know it was dumb and some of you will tell me I deserved to have my things stolen if I just leave them at QP but leaving things at the start points at the park is a common thing. In the 6 years I’ve left items at the park, this is the first time I’ve had anything stolen.

In my navy blue bag from the varsity years there was no money, just a battered phone over 5 years old (resale value: $50?), my ipod from high school (is there even a resale value?), my favourite long sleeve running shirt (resale value: 0), my favourite short sleeve running shirt (retail value: 0), a shirt from a company retreat (resale value: 0), my favourite water bottle (resale value: 0), a few tissues, my keys, and a few cards tucked into my phone case. Being a responsible person there was a brand new April metropass (resale value: 120?) tucked in alongside the driver’s license, a discount card to a Canadian chain restaurant. Minimal resale value taken but as with all thefts, cost of replacements is much higher) $1500 in this case.

I am a person that has higher utility for saving for tomorrow than consumption today. Despite the fact I am now in the workforce my disposable income habits are extremely lean. I never buy lunch, I live in Chinatown in a student budget friendly apartment, my biggest monthly personal expenses are my track club and facilities fees. It is devastating to lose my phone and my metropasses (March’s was also tucked in and could have been a tax credit), both are necessities for daily functions (especially when you work in social media). These items and my keys are things I will need to replace and it will take a few months of even leaner and more careful budgeting to cover.

But beyond just the phone and the metropass, my favourite long sleeve tshirt was tucked into the bag in the case I would get cold during warm up. This is a shirt that I’m not sure is replaceable. My favourite short sleeve shirt from the varsity years is gone.The backup shirt for the gym (incase I got too sweaty) was custom-printed for a work retreat and that is definitely  not replaceable. The bag itself is also something I won’t be able to replace. Heck my Tcard, which no long works but has sentimental value is gone. These were items that have zero resale value yet someone decided to take them, and leave me at QP in a sport bra without a shirt.

Within 10 minutes of getting home my phone was taken offline by the thief. It’s extremely likely the phone and the ipod will not fetch any money. And it’s almost 100% that my favourite running pieces will be in the garbage by the end of the day.

The horseback riding police unit found me having a panic attack. They asked if I wanted to have them send for a car to file a report but what’s the point, is there anything that can be done?

I’ve always known this but what a nice reminder that a fight between an average person and the evil, evil always wins because they’ve hit and run before the fight even started.

In the last couple of months I’ve been working on myself and trying to remove things like pettiness from my life, but in a moment like this I think I deserve to be petty:

Dear Thief,

I hope you take the subway where right before your 9am exam or meeting, an hour+ passenger assistance alarm occurs.

Hope it was worth.

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