And They Say Running Isn’t A Team Sport

“Nice job Danielle!”

My name is not Danielle but for 40 minutes and change today I ran as a member of the W45 age group. I’m happy to share that I’m pretty sure I was able to run Danielle a PB.

Over the last year I’ve been questioning my ability to ever PB again.  When that happens you start questioning why you even bothering training anymore. I’ve been telling myself that I still run because it is often still fun. But on the start line this morning all I could think was how Grade 12 Joanna would beat current-day-working-girl Joanna.

Despite my hobby-jogger status I managed to run about a minute faster than Skinny-Grade-12-Joanna today.

If you had told me this last week I would have told you were crazy. It wasn’t until Monday, while talking to a friend about her training for the SL10K that I realized I wanted to run. Talk about unrealistic goals since I didn’t even have a bib. And the blackmarket for the SL10K bibs was apparently more bullish than anything I own on the TSX.

I’ve never met Danielle but through a mutual friend she gifted me her bib. But she didn’t just give me a piece of paper with a few numbers on it, she also gave back to me one of the reasons to why I run.  Even if I didn’t run a great time, it feels good to know that I can beat Skinny-Grade-12-Joanna.

Of course this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the girlfriend that helped me by-pass the race marshals (without the need to hop the fence) to get into the red corral. They say running isn’t a team sport but I’m telling you it took a team to even get me to the startline.

Finally, huge thanks to my Masters training group who have helped me realize it is possible to balance work and training. Thanks for all the laughs and fun at prac that have kept me in the game. Just don’t ask me to run a half marathon PB anytime soon.

Yours till the Friday office beers + too strong martinis, 1:30AM pre-race bedtimes, and peanut m&m breakfasts.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 12.47.39 PM

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