The Vegan Lasagna for Those That Don’t Like Cheese

“Do you know what’s wrong with you? You don’t like cheese. How can you not like cheese?”

I get this question from my work neighbour every single time I bring out my cheese-less lasagna. He is also not shy in telling me that the lasagna would hold together a lot better if I had only used cheese. I must admit he is right. But this lasagna with roasted eggplant, garlicky spinach, and meaty Portobello is so delicious I wouldn’t trade it for the beautifully photographed cheesy lasagnas of the Internets.

This veggie-packed, cheese-less, meatless, and essentially vegan lasagna is actually super simple to make. The best part is it’s also freezer-friendly!

Cast of Characters

  • 1 small eggplant, roasted with olive oil & salt (I used a medium-sized Chinese eggplant)
  • 2 large Portobello mushrooms, roasted with olive oil & salt
  • 3 cups, spinach, sautéed with 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 package, extra firm tofu
  • 2 TBS, pesto (or to taste)
  • 1 jar, tomato sauce (I used White Linen Mariana)
  • 1 package, lasagna noodles (I used oven ready)


  1. Crumble the tofu into your Magic Bullet or food processor and pulse until paste-like or with a consistency similar to a drier ricotta. Puree the roasted eggplant. In a large bowl, combine the processed tofu, pureed eggplant, and pesto.
  2. Cover the bottom of a large baking pan with tomato sauce before placing a layer of lasagna noodles (I like to briefly rinse the noodles before using them) on top. Spread 1/3 of the tofu mixture on top before topping with a layer of sautéed spinach and roasted Portobello. Repeat until noodles are used up (I usually have 4 layers of noodles, 3 layers of veggie goodies) – make sure to cover top layer with a layer of sauce.
  3. Cover with foil and bake at 400C until noodles are soft – approximately 30-35 minutes.


**I forgot to take a photo, photo courtesy of my mom

***Sauce, noodles, spinach, Portobello, noodles, sauce &etc.

For the record, I do like some cheese– namely in the form of cream cheese frosting

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