Learning to Enjoy the Moment

The workout of the day was not going well. The left hip was tight, the trail I was on was not the most familiar, and I was going solo, without a clue as to whether I was on pace or not. But here I was, in a tank top and a pair of shorts in 18 degrees (celsius), in October, on an endless trail in the Bay Area in California.

My turnaround from being a student to working in advertising was less than a week. And the turnaround from my previous role in advertising to working at Rotman again was a mere weekend. The last couple of months have been jam-packed and every day carried a feel of go-go-go. As a bit of a constant worrier with a strong belief that every contingency should have a contingency I’ve propelled myself from project to project with enthusiasm and extremely detailed orientated outlooks. I’ve gotten to run some pretty cool projects in the last couple of weeks but I’ve realized that I haven’t been very good at letting myself enjoy the moment.

It wasn’t until Monday evening, with a glass of Prosecco in my hand and a plate of biscotti in front of me, that I realized I had survived. Over 300 first year students had rotated through a courtyard and the WO basement for 4 hours where most of them learnt at least something, were sufficiently entertained, and at the very least, left with a stomach full of pizza. Another event hit record attendance and we made it through Q&A without any cringing. And then 350 students were sent out to wander the streets of Toronto and solve puzzles where they were drenched by torrential rain but they still came back with smiles and enough positively to thank me for directing them to the snack station. All of these moments (and more) were wins but I had been too busy moving from one project to the next to realize this and enjoy the moment.

So here I was today, feeling not the greatest about my workout, but running down a beautiful trail in Northern California when I re-realized something – I really need to learn to enjoy the moment. It is October but I was basked in warm sunlight, I had just passed the campus of one of the largest tech companies in the world to my left, rivers ran on my right, and this trail was endless. According to the real life laws of being an adult I should be behind a desk in Toronto, not here. But because I am here, I need to stop worrying for a second and just enjoy the moment. Moments like these are the ones that keep us going when the road gets tough.

***Once again, thank you to those of you that have been there for me the last few weeks, whether as a volunteer, a student panellist, a conference leader, a listening ear, or as a cider provider – couldn’t have done it without you

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