Thank You.

The last few weeks have been extremely jam-packed as I hopped over from my previous role in advertising to cover a student life position at my alma mater. With a lead time of just over 2 weeks to finalize and execute the concepts developed by my predecessor for 3 large scale/flagship events in 10 days, I got a crash course in how to hit the ground running.

A program orientation, a kickoff event for an experiential learning program, and the flagship first year conference ran like a flawless script for the participants. But while students, volunteers, friends, and colleagues kept coming up to me during and after the events to congratulate me on the production I personally think it should be my team of volunteers that deserve the praise. I want to thank all of your for volunteering your time, your experiences, and your positivity.

In my folders I have decks for one event that were built by some of you who were in Japan or Italy at the time. I have a list of names of those of you that decided to spend one of the last days of summer as shepherds. And then there is that extra long list of you that attended conference leader orientations, panelist dry runs, MC dry runs, and read my countless emails that all showed up today to help run the production titled Destination RC. We hit some snags along the way due to uncontrollable factors like the weather and a case of the travelling flu but you all went with it and the show went on in a spectacular fashion.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for putting on such a great show. You are all rockstars and I wish I could take all of you out to party like one too.

Ps. My resting face is naturally worried/sad – don’t worry about me 😉

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