I’ll rather play beyond the walls

It was cold outside. The winds were howling, the ground was covered with icy snow, and the sky was dark.

The lights were bright. They shone from slanted rectangles, they stood stark against the black barred ceiling. The inside contrasted with the scene beyond the glass windows; one could see in here. Under the sterile lighting one could read, write, type, and glem information from the world wide web. She was inside, but despite the contrast with the outside, she felt cold.

Here she was subjected to reading feverishly, typing faster than the tick of the clock, and developing expertise through an unviewable connection to the outside world. The concrete Turkey offered warmth and the tools of learning that the 21th century had to offer. But she still felt cold; she was trapped.

She had entered the Turkey with the intention to learn, to solve problems, but the concrete had acted more as a nuisance than structural barriers. She looked out the steel-encased window and at the snow, with her wool coat draped over her and her red mittens on her hands she would be warm.


Recently I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about the value of education, especially the value of business education within the classroom. There is a notion that classroom education, university degrees, equates to smarts or competency but I feel knowledge cannot be measured by the GPA or the title on the certificate alone. Sitting alone at Robarts at 1AM while working on an international “group” paper alone somehow inspired this little sketch about my feelings about the confines of the traditional classroom education. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to take classes that challenge students to complete practical projects and I believe more of this needs to be implemented.

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