Life is not a Chick Flick. Life Continues.

Girl meets boy at a bar. Life carries onwards without boy.

A few months later, girl meets same boy at a work event. Small talk between the girl, her boss, and the boy was made. Life carries onwards without boy.

Flash forward a few weeks, girl meets the same boy at a bar. Girl and boy exchange numbers. 

When girl returned home later that night the roommates claimed it was fate and the girl and boy were destined.

I am in the girl from the 4 lines listed above. For two weeks I starred in a real life chick flick.

The boy was picture-perfect.

Tall. Smart. Ambitious.

He was adoring. He was goofy. He was hungry. 

He liked ice cream. He was employed. He made her laugh.

I ended things with the boy last week. We had a nice two week run with some typical chick flick drama embedded but little personality things and the timing prompted my need to end things.

Like the movies, compromise on my part would have been necessary but unlike the movies I stood my ground. Also au contraire, I am not emotionless, I am not moping, I have not just thrown myself into work and am unable to enjoy the colours swirling on a daily basis.

Had thoughts of the boy and what could have been crossed my mind in the last week? The answer is yes. But that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to laugh over gelato with a girlfriend, spend a chunk of my last paycheck on a delightful Club Monaco dress, or make attempts at balancing the hectic life of a full time job, base training for the upcoming fall cross country season, and an international business course. In chick flicks the female protagonist is often showed as shaken over a break with the boy and their character development is altered by the incident but in the real world that doesn’t always happen and at times that shouldn’t happen.

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