Ontario 2014 Election: Why I Won’t be Voting – Voting isn’t as easy as they say

I have some pretty strong opinions about each of the leading candidates for the Ontario election that takes place tomorrow but I am one Ontario citizen that will not be voting. That is not to say I do not care to vote or have a lack of care about the future health of my province and its people or that I simply do not care for any of the parties or leader. I will not be voting tomorrow as I am stuck in a rather tricky situation that I’ve realized many other individuals in my age demographic is experiencing.

The address listed for the purpose of claiming voting rights is about two hours by public transport from my place in the city. The reason why this address is still listed is that my downtown apartment is considered temporary (due to the nature of something called university I’ve moved 3x in the past 3 years). I work and live in the city and on a normal day it is rare to have returned home before 8PM – long story short there is no way for me to travel to the assigned voting station in time before the polls close.

Can’t vote on voting day? That’s what advanced voting is for.

Wrong. Again, there was no way I could have travelled back to the electoral district on a weekday in time before the polls closed. I did for some reason assume that advanced polls would be open on weekends. I learnt that was a wrong assumption over the weekend.

I find this type of situation quite ridiculous and concerning. Talking to other individuals of the same demographic revealed that many are facing a similar situation and the end result is that votes are not being cast. The “Youth” the “Younger Generation” is urged to vote and is criticized when turnout is low but this situation reveals that it is not that this demographic does not care but rather the voting opportunities are surrounded by booby-traps. And, it is not enough to do the homework on how to disable bobby-traps because some require special tools to navigate.  That being said, as much as I would like to, I will not be voting tomorrow.


If I could throw something at our secondhand television every time I saw a Tim Hudak Million Jobs commercial (blatant lies, numerous economists have stated that these claims are nonsensical AND deficits are not always bad! a must-be 0 deficit financial plan can cost the province more money further down the road! – did someone miss the lecture on leveraging & NPVs?) the television would be broken and unrecognizable

Also, apparently the NDP ads are hilarious and contradict themselves.

As much as I am skeptical about Wynne, her slow running, and somewhat concerning running form I must say she may be the candidate that cares about Ontario the most.

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