B.Com Checkpoint.

For some reason I’ve always thought of the degree (B.Com) I’ve been working toward is comprised of just plain common knowledge. Of course when I’m calculating stock prices or running excel models to find optimal price points based on past sales data I feel pretty bad-ass. But most of the time I tend to just think that what I’m doing in class is just based on common knowledge. It wasn’t until a friend of mine doing a degree in software engineering asked for my option on his start up idea that I realized that I’ve got some pretty nice tools in my box. And I know how to use them.

This semester I am taking another strategic management class that is case and presentation based. My team had our first presentation yesterday on a mini-case. The case we were given was categorized as more of a marketing case but even though the mini-case did not provide quant data our team of finance and management (marketing & strategy) specialists drew knowledge from our courses that centered on finance, accounting, consumer behaviour, strategic management, brand strategies & others.

As the deck was finalized I got that “professional” feeling that usually only surfaces at case competitions or during intense work/study sessions when everyone is in a suit due to the interviews/networking/meetings of the day. It was 11PM on a Tuesday night and I was merely dressed in compression socks, spandex, and a tank top but I felt commerce-y as the timbits of the last 2.5 years were applied to solve a business problem. It wasn’t just any business problem but one involving the maintenance and market share growth amid growing competition. Two years ago I’m quite sure I would have defined the problem as a revenue one based on the presentations of the case.

As a management student doing a concentration in marketing & strategy I’ve expressed much annoyance at the mandatory finance and accounting courses (a little part of me still cries whenever I think about the bond portfolios I had to build) but I’ve realized that my program is set up in such a manner to ensure that the whole picture is viewed.

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