A Bit of Integrated Re-Branding: Gift of Coffee by Tim Hortons

When I think of Tim Hortons the following come to mind:

  • hockey
  • family
  • sharing
  • double double
  • donuts
  • Timbits
  • Sidney Crosby
  • convenience
  • affordable
  • cross country (despite the variety of options offered at fast-food stops on XC trips I always order either a) chicken noodle soup + bagel b) beef lasagna casserole)
  • own-Canadian owned, now American (but still 100% Canadian in terms of culture)

During dinner one night the Gift of Coffee by Tim Hortons commercial graced the screen of our television set. If it were not for the prominently displayed Tim Hortons coffee cups held by the beautiful, gorgeous individuals I would not have realized that it was a commercial by the Tim Hortons brand for their holiday coffee gift package.

Most of the elements to which I associate Timmys with seemed to be missing from the commercial. Only three elements from my list above of Tim Hortons associations were showcased in this commercial. The overly politeness of the protagonists (a Canadian stereotype), the multicultural tie within the couple, and the snowfall backdrop projected the ever-familiar Canadian cultural feel. The ever present and moving Tim Hortons branded cups alluded to their positioning of convenience. And the final bold display of the monetary price of the Gift of Coffee affirmed their stance on affordability (as opposed to their coffee shop competitor, Starbucks).

The romantic implications of this commercial threw me off. I have never thought of Tim Hortons as a thread for romantic relationships. The image of sharing of Timmies whether it be a double double or a box of Timbits is highly realistic as is the meeting of new friends in the outdoorsy-sporty environment as suggested in the majority of their traditional commercials. This commercial showcases the classic iconic “Canadian” treat as a more youthful, refreshed, and upbeat brand.

I’m not sure if this commercial was directed toward trying to capture back some of the younger demographic market share that Starbucks had stolen years ago with its sociable qualities but I do like how the commercial sits meshes the rest of the Tim Hortons’ commercials. This commercial is a bit like a prequel. Just think, this beautiful couple will probably have kids a few years after and be that couple in the Tim Hortons commercial with a box of donuts to share with other parents and a box of Timbits for the kids  at hockey practice.

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