2014 IIHF Championships Hosted by Sweden – the Canadian Connection in Ad Space

Due to the crazy iced-over roads near my parents’ home during the holidays I resorted to running indoors at a nearby gym to avoid a) breaking anything b) irritating my hypermobile SI joint . Country music alone couldn’t withstand the boredom of the dreaded treadmill. But watching Canada vs. Slovakia eased the pain.

I must admit I didn’t watch the whole tournament (please don’t take away my Canadian citizenship!) which is why I have what could potentially be a really silly question: are the rink/ice ads during World Juniors changed according to the nationality of the teams on ice?

Sweden played host to the IIHF World Junior Championships this year. For this reason I expected the rink/ice ads to be that of Swedish companies, EU companies, and international companies.

The one Swedish firm ad displayed along the boards that I can recall from this particular game was that of cashbuddy.se.  Globally-acclaimed firms of Honda, Tissot, and Esso also held ad space along the boards. Additionally, the American home improvement and appliance retail chain, Lowes, put forth a performance on the boards. Another recallable board ad featured Orbit which I am not familiar with. The rest of the ads I was able to recall were that of Telus, Optik TV (Telus), Boston Pizza, and RBC, all of which are Canadian firms.

Now I’m not sure if these ads are only recallable because I am already familiar with these companies or if the ad space, for the most part, actually consisted of a set of such companies. But if the latter is true and the boards/ice ad space does not change per game it speaks volumes as to the dimension, intensity, and strength of Canadians within the hockey market (alternatively, the firms may be addressing the potential for business from foreigners upon Canadian soil). These Canadian firms believed the Canadian connection to hockey would lend to viewing of other games or the numbers viewing of just the Canadian games would be able to compensate for the dip in Canadian viewers of other games.

The final results of the tournament may indicate that Canada may be sliding in its competitive advantage in hockey over other countries but the volume and value of the Canadian hockey market is still strong.

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