The Collegiate Fall.

The ever so trusty black backpack lingered on the heavy side. Its contents ranged from textbooks to notebooks to the lithe macbook air. Necessities like tupperware containers of grapes and veggies and hummus also lingered in the vast enclosed space.

But the girl with the long black ponytail walked briskly in a determined fashion. If her shoulders felt a strain from the weight of her future until the end of the grading period her face didn’t show it.

A thermos was situated in her left hand. The right clutched a slim sleek black phone. The ponytail blew in the breeze as she passed the beautiful brick and glass building of old and new architecture. The sun shines but the breeze leans on the whippy side. The leaves have already begun to change to a golden red.

The girl blends into the beautiful scene of gently falling leaves and aging buildings. She is dressed simply in a pair of aged dark-wash jeans, a white tank top, and a pair of scoffed black flats. A navy blue windbreaker is wrapped around her, keeping her snug, protecting her from the chill of the fall day.

The thermos in the left hand is nursing spiced black tea.

Her destination is a brutalist 13 floor building.

The Turkey awaits.

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