Passion Does Not Come Without A Fight

It is common knowledge that the running aspect has been a huge struggle over the last couple of months. The last 7 days have offered much time and an appropriate environment to internally search and question the running.

I left for training camp on Monday in complete confusion and disarray over the near future of the running. But several talks with the coaches, the surprising completion of a workout, beautiful trails, and much pleasant company aided in the ongoing-but-now-at-peace fight between the aspects lent by my  business schooling and the love for my sport.

It is a training camp tradition to journey to the peak of one of the downhill ski trails in Collingwood. At the top lies a compilation of thoughts, quotes, and genuine passion the team holds for the sport and each other.

Throughout the journey up and its shenanigans I drew blanks. But at the top, overlooking the beauty that nature offers and amidst the familiar bodies, faces, & verbals I realized that this year I could only leave the battle behind.

I can fall into the Escalation of  Commitment and it can become a negative Sunk Cost but it is all for the Passion. – August 2013, Collingwood

I am uncertain if I will even be allowed to run in 2 weeks but I cannot control that which is uncontrollable. But I can fight for that which I am passionate about.

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