Fortunate Enough to be Ignorant

Most often than not one does not want to be referred to as ignorant. One does not usually associate ignorance with the term fortunate. Personally I cannot count the number of times I have uttered this combination of words: I am so fortunate (to be educated enough, experienced enough, knowledge enough &etc) to not to be ignorant.

So why is it that this post is titled Fortunate Enough to be Ignorant? Because I am not sure if there is any red tape around the details of the situation that cannot be released until a media release is sent out I am going to keep things vague. A member of South Sudan’s national soccer (football) team came to the office a few weeks ago, alongside was a documentary maker.From what I gathered he is working on a doc which will have focus on the player’s adaption into a new country.

All the staff in the office were interviewed for content for this documentary. During this interview I was asked several questions about South Sudan. What I knew about it? What I knew about the fighting present there? And how I thought the player would adjust to life here which is so much different from that of South Sudan. For the first two questions I had to admit I know practically nothing about South Sudan. I know it is a war-torn country but my knowledge of South Sudan ends there. I was not very articulate during my interview but the truth is it is not that I don’t want to know about the situation in South Sudan. It is not that I don’t care about the lives lost and the blood shed.

The Canadian news outlets do have mentions of the situation in South Sudan. And I am quite sure if I check off the appropriate boxes on my Bloomberg app the situation in South Sudan can be deliver right to my phone. It could be something I learn and grow familiar with as I take the subway to work. But it isn’t.

It could be because I am a commerce student. It could be because I am a citizen of a mixed-economy. It could be because the boxes on my Bloomberg app are checked marked in the order of Economy, United States, Canada, and then Worldwide. And in the buzzing hub of working almost full time, a financial markets class at night, and trying to get back into training the fact is I rarely make it past 3-5 articles in the Economy section much less diverge into the section titled Worldwide.

I, like many others, are mainly concerned in the events that surround that which we are emerged in. Because of this I know that Detroit is on the brink of bankruptcy and has suspended some debt payments. I also know that the International Monetary Fund is warning of challenges with exiting the FED QE. And that the condo market in Toronto is a concern to the Bank of Canada. This is what surrounds me: concerns about the rise and fall of wealth.

Those within South Sudan, from South Sudan, or have family, friends, & acquaintances in/from South Sudan are subject to stories of how girls in South Sudan are considered a source of wealth as their parents receive cows when the girls marry.  Somewhere in South Sudan a town was trashed by rebels and the army. Elsewhere other South Sudanese are struggling to survive due to a lack of basic necessities. All of these events were unknown to me until I set about on a Google search.

I feel it is a luxury to have the head in the sand in regards to the atrocities and just plain sad stories coming from South Sudan and other similar countries. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by events that don’t deal with such unhappiness and heartbreak. I am fortunate enough to be shielded. I am fortunate enough to be ignorant.

As of a week or two ago the South Sudanese player left for his home country. I have not heard news from him as of yet. 

I feel what you care about isn’t always reflective of who you are as a person but also reflective of where you are in the geographical sense and the cultural sense. 

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