A friend of mine posted a buzzfeed link a week or so ago. I was then introduced to a Saudi prince, Prince Fahad al Saud to be more specific.

To be honest my first impression of the Prince was one of disbelief. I just could not understand his idea of fashion. His clothing held an expensive sheen but to my sport-bra-spandex-wearing self I have never seen outfits this ugly. But then what do I know as I have blatant disapproval for the round sunnies the Prince was sporting in an Instagram photo yet these things are clearly stylish as the Olsen twins do approve of these (and they run The Row!). In my mind I labelled him as a rich-playboy with idle hands and a penchant for attention (comparable to the Housewives, only real rich and not what I call money-multipler rich).

But then I saw either a comment or a photo supporting the Prince’s venture – InstaFeed. Around that time I was also linked to his Facebook page. I could not recognize the man. He had completed a 180 degree turn from clean-cut and respectable to crazy-hippie-hipster-playboy-wannabee. This man was a graduate of engineering at Stanford but now seems to relish posting selfies of himself in crazy muscle shirts. It would be extremely far-fetched to say the transformation was completed just so the Prince could be featured on buzzfeed to expand the awareness of his venture. But I don’t think it would be far-fetched to say the Prince may have committed to the makeover with thoughts of enhancing publicity and awareness of his venture InstaFeed.

In my mind this man may dress like a fool but he is far from one. He is someone who knows how to monetize via social media.

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